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Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting for GODOT

You really have taken your time haven’t you? I am sure I haven’t seen much of you this year!

Well, first I had to see some of my friends you know

and settle the question.

What question? Oh you mean you were one of them?

Of who? We are peaceful people, went to see my chairman. He really is a good negotiator, we agreed finally on the prize for his release?

What? You mean he is a party to…

Keep your voice down. Will you?

Now let us look at our Project. The boys have shown the stuff they are made of. I bet a lot of you have wide smiles when we brought the eggs out. Beautiful deadly eggs that we wanted you to hatch if you dared. Well your brother blinked and so we are now negotiating together, you should be smiling

I thought you guys had accepted the amnesty deal

Well, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth do you? You think what they offer will keep the boys peaceful? It is only a matter of time. Where are they going to be getting the pittance they want to pay us from? I wish horses could really fly

I am not talking about a horse but a car, an expensive one. Wished my father had not left the police force!

Have you seen Richard?

Yeah, I heard they promoted him for stopping the eggs getting to port

Well, he is out of a job now. The chairman..

That you kidnapped?

Honestly, we are having a problem convincing the boys we need the peace.

Excuse me, but we don’t have a welfare state do we? I think it was pretty decent the amount that was voted to help them reha..

What is it now?

Richard makes an average of one hundred and fifty thousand a day

He could be dead in another twenty four hours, he is lucky we are not going to prosecute him

It is the season of peace and love.

Really? How did you manage to bring all these arms into the country?

Curiosity killed the cat.

You fellows don’t know the fine points of good public relations!

This is a good month. Creation renews itself and wears a new garb. Shall we wash our dirty clothes once and for all and take a look at a new dawn for the Peace Project Let us take these cowboys of creation to the laundry and have real wash. We all want a new country we wish to be proud of, but I wonder if we are prepared to lift a finger to help in the wash. Those who wish to attain the cold purity of the mountain heights, must be able to make the strenuous climb. How many of us really and truly give our supposed leaders a close second look? In my days, you don’t get a chieftaincy title just because your bank balance is hefty! It has gotten so bad that wives are seriously thinking of giving their husbands chieftaincy titles so he can look the other way when they fraudulently convert house -keeping cash for those endless headgears! We make such a moan about the level of corruption in the country but really do we believe this? Bribery to us is an automatic reflex action or thought! You know if there was any bidding going for this country and it was only one person left, he will offer a bribe to get it! Until he realizes no one is interested except himself!

Our very honourable thieves in all tiers of government may not be happy with the president. One civil servant in righteous anger told me that he is upsetting the apple cart! No matter how big your backside, it gets disgraced with a small fart! That is how he put it! The men in black are still doing business as usual because there is just no other way? The Eleventh commandment is ‘Thou shalt not get caught’? These kings who must have a fleet of cars for their bloated desires and egos will almost sell everything of the kingdom to fatten their bank accounts! Honour should not be for sale! It should be earned! When custodians of integrity dole and sell our collective dignity, on which wall shall we nail our theses?

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