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Friday, October 23, 2009


It is a routine really when you wake up each day. It is a routine when you walk into your office. It is a routine, the fact of breathing in and out. It is a routine just being yourself. The trick is how to look forward to doing these routine things with some level of excitement. Close your eyes and see between your closed eyes the colours of your hopes. You will notice the way it ebbs and flows with each second your thoughts shape the dream. Your dreams thank goodness for most of the time are not routine. Take a walk in the woods, the gardens, or just watch the ebb of humanity as they flow past you. Each face is a story, each walk a dance of dreams and hopes and you ask yourself so many questions not from idle curiosity but from gratitude that you can feel. It is also at some level a type of sameness, the everyday hunger in its varied forms. The hunger to feel the love of another human soul beating as closely as yours, and in tandem with your dreams.
It really does not feel like it is routine to come into the room and see the happy smile of a child in welcome. It feels all tingly and warm when you have agonized about the rightness of a decision and you find someone agrees with you. Essentially thus, routine or sameness or boredom is a choice. We can look into creation and pick from it the essentials we need to fashion our own compass. That is living and life thus cannot be a routine as to be boring.
There are some basic things we have taken for granted and expect as given. We take as given, that we should open our eyes each day to the glory of a creation we have spent millennia trying to understand. Maybe we should stop the yawn mid-way and take a slow look around. We are in the world not part of it but we are in it for a purpose I imagine or else what would be the essence of dreams? Somehow the essentials we need to make life worth living are always available.
Just imagine if the air got bored just being there for us? Just imagine if the seas just got bored being host to all the marine life forms in it. Imagine if the mountains just got almighty tired of us and moved off! Just imagine if all of creation just got bored with us in it as the moaning and groaning lot we are at the moment and closed shop as it were?
Life offers the constant motion to move, change the fabric we do not care for and weave any design we wish. Life is definitely not boring for it is constantly creating and recreating opportunities for us. Close your eyes, feel on the windows on your heart, the softness of the morning dew like a silky petal bringing the soft kiss of a shy sun on your sleep caressed soul with the promise that yesterday is history. Here comes today, pregnant and anxious to deliver to you all you wish.
If you had but a second to reflect, you will really not see anything as a routine not even the grind of a global recession! Now you definitely would not! Life cannot be a routine but a constant celebration to weave the brightest sheen you possibly can, after all creation sent the sun, the rain, the snow, and all its other creatures to let you know the Creator has you in mind!
When you consider all these, you will be hard put to say life is a routine. Life is the most exciting journey we ever embarked upon and sometimes the destination or bus stop could become fuzzy but it really is exciting being able to say, I am a member of the great Creation Story.


  1. Both heart felt and wise words you write indeed.

  2. Thank you Gray, and thank you for your comments. I feel encouraged