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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebration of Love?

He said
I was his only love
but there are five
of us
in the hut

he brought one cow
for the dowry
and I learnt later
it was stolen
the promise to provide
and care is
evident in my stringy neck
and haunted eyes
am chased
for street hawking

Late at night
I fence off
his groping paws
on my bruised and tired limbs

Tonight he says
we must celebrate
his sixth bride
am looking forward
to my release
as I serve him
a kegful of palm wine
laced with the finest arsenic.

bridal bargain

he was king and she
a maiden
brought to the dance
to please his bed

he asked for
bridal discount

when asked to pay
as dowry

ten snow leopards
from the virgin forest
hundred and fifty goats
with white beards
two fresh elephant ears
soaked in five kegs
of dew- fresh palm wine

the maid looked at his pale skin
his balding pate
and frame
moaned to her father
it is still too cheap a bargain

Monday, December 6, 2010

mirror in the sun

he was a lion
imperious in speech and manner
we all stood in dread
of his every word.

one evening she walked in
he took one look at her
and sold his cows
called the chief priest
to sound the gong
of his impending nuptials.
next morning
we found him dead
and no sign
of the new queen.

it is coming
with each dawn
I watch
her potholed tongue
from ground tobacco
and her smile.

My heart strains
as I return
her one tooth

I am afraid to
maybe it will
the coming gloom

How shall I tell
that the tobacco
is all gone
to pay the bills.

as Christmas