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Visiting Ondo State
We invite you to a 3-day tour of the traditional history of the Yoruba people as we take you to interesting and intriguing places. We organize exciting tours as well as put you in the best hotels.
Deji’s Palace

Declared a National monument in 1990, it has more than 20 courtyards with different traditional customs still taking place till today. The title ‘Deji” means ruler of Akure Kingdom and he holds court within the old palace though a modern palace has been constructed there. You can watch one of the court sessions and marvel at the continuity and legality of our customary courts. The palace which is an architectural wonder and masterpiece is more than 800 years old

You can have quite a lovely time within the Akure metropolis as well as we can organize private arts & crafts exhibition for you.

The OLOWO’S Palace

It is some 30 minutes drive from Akure the state capital. The palace is just as elegant and full of history, romance, passion and excitement. For in Owo you are introduced to ‘ORONSHEN” the goddess deity and patron saint as it were of Owo. At the National Museum you are confronted with archaeological proof that there really had been such a goddess. As you wander through the old palace halls, courtyards and all, you wonder if you could tell which of the rooms had housed this reputedly stunning beauty.”ORONSHEN” the basis for the exciting ‘IGOGO’ festival where the king wears an intricately woven beaded blouse, has his hair in braids and dances to the grove or ‘GBO LAJA ‘ as it is called.

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