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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bury Me in a Prado Jeep

In his teens
greed for wealth
he went into contest
with his peers from other side of the street.

The need to have a ride
whether earned or not
so he whispered his longing
to the representative of the oracle
tell the stars
I want a Prado Jeep

Bring to the grove,
the innocence of
the blood of one untried
and soon the wealth is yours
croaked the old wizard

He stole a twin
with the promise of candied sweets
and offered the wizard
the strangled cry of the twin;
the agonized torture of a mother
the fearful haunting
the beheaded grimace of innocence
as silent witness
tore his sleep to pieces

from the tiny watching eyes
he had buried four feet standing by the stream
to the stern looks of justice
in the dock at last
he revises his need
to obtain without sweat
the luxury of death

as the hammer fell on his life
a whispered longing escaped
his parched cracked lips
one more last request
bury me in a Prado jeep!

He was buried him in a Prado grave
six feet standing upright
next to the tiny staring eyes
by the stream
of his warped dreams!

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