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Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am thinking of going back to school. No, it is to learn some old Egyptian script. I think it is the only way I will understand the new language of the politician. Suddenly we need a new dictionary to understand simple greetings. This year will be recorded in creation as the most bewildering and interesting the history of our street. It is the year in which what you say does not have to be believed even if you act it out because we have boxed ourselves into a corner. The psychiatrist will watch us with quite a lot of interest. We badly want to accept that what our leaders tell us is gospel, but then have you ever heard of honor amongst thieves?

But why are you sighing?

I am sighing because you are such a dreamer and I wish I have a way to ask you to accept the inevitable

You mean I do not have a choice about the present situation in my street?

You could always emigrate; there is not much difference from one thief to another, not really

Hey! Trying to kill yourself or something why did you take off like that?

I find it amusing and strange, even alarming that we have collectively decided on selective hearing…

My grandmother used to say if you know someone is a liar wait until you catch him out in the lie then…..


I did not say you had to yell!

So what do I do with these new set of thieves?

A friend of mine gave a yowl of pain when I said that. I understood him. He was a member of the last rat pack in my street and ate himself obese! These days, his neck is beginning to look the worse for wear! Why do we really find it so hard to learn what service is truly meant to be? Have you ever seen them after they have been elected into office? First, they spend precious time fighting each other to accept the legality or illegality of the election. The ‘elected’ official is so wrapped up in ensuring his pot of mess that he converts the street treasury to his personal treasury. Then comes the new words, new promises

Then there is the political collateral damage.

You mean political appointees?

I mean political victims.

If you ever smiled at any of the old thieves..

But they are thieves! You had no business smiling at them!

Seems you all are together, this is the only street where there are no living heroes until they are dead and not likely to challenge your claims!

Stick with the point

I really think you should go back to school. You know the whole frigging lot and learn first the true meaning of the word service

To who? Now I distinctly remember that you did not vote for me. I will have you know that I am a duly elected member of this street!

Your case is still in court

But I won

Your opponent did not think so, international observers said…

Oh, the international observers only wanted to be considered for a contract my opponent promised them..


I said you did not tell me you had changed your name?


Shouldn’t you return to the courtroom, I think I see the judge coming in?


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  1. A Romanian dictum says: "Beat the saddle to make the horse understand" (= sayng something in a subtle way, to obtain the desired effect). Congratulations for your well thought style and your sugestiv message, dear Biola!

    Daniel Dragomirescu-Peaceman, writer and journalist