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Saturday, January 31, 2015

the dawn and other poems

the dawn

like a shy bride
touched my cheeks
with one soft
golden finger
and dropped
a dewy kiss
time to face
the agony of being alive
in a world wrapped
in the tortured arms
of the Earth.

Wedding anniversary

It’s our wedding anniversary
twenty five years
of smiling at his girlfriends
watching him text all night
smiling pain when
he reaches for me.

His mother watches too
how long I hang on
to him.
A pretence to marital bliss
when all you feel is this
that the neck of the celebratory chicken
may be replaced with his
as sharp as the knife
as keen as your pain

habit or beloved

he said it once
I love you
and will take
care of you
he even signed
the piece of legal nonsense
that made me
Twenty years on
we still sleep two spoons
in the middle of
the bed
holding hands,
but sometimes
I wonder,
am I his habit
or beloved?

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