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Saturday, April 21, 2012

When Love Dies

I have been wondering for a long while. Gratitude is such an easy thing to express ..if you offer a handshake. But I would like to say thank you to those who have deigned to share some of their time with me on this page. Those who from the earliest days, followed this blog. Some of them I have gotten to know more. Some of them have remained like jewels in the garden of my gratitude and appreciation. One such jewel is Nomar. I have read his blog, his poems and felt the sensitivity of a great loving soul. So I asked him to write an article as I guest blogger,so he sent me this poem below. If you are one of my distinguished follower, I would be honoured if you send me an article, a pice, your comments. I just want to say thank you and get to know you more. Nomar, you are rather very special and I will always put you in the sunniest room in my heart so you are touched by the radiance of my gratitude and best wishes. Please enjoy this:

When Love Dies 
By Nomar Knight

When love dies 
Emotions overwhelm
It's tricky and annoying
Because you're not at the helm

When love dies
Your partner irritates you
Little things that used to pass
Make you cringe and blue

When love dies
You're not happy anymore
Nothing exciting to anticipate
Nothing wondrous to explore

When love dies
You only focus on you
What you need and want
There's just one not two

When love dies
The quest for something more
Opens a hunger for the hunt
Making the familiar a bore

When love dies
Deserve better you say
Until you're fickle in the heart
Betrayal becomes the way

When love dies
There's no together time
Rather be with someone else
Drop your partner on a dime

When love dies
Respect takes a walk
Arguments drain energy
Shouts replace talk

When love dies
Impotent intimacy breeds hate
No public displays of affection
The two no longer relate
When love dies
Don't care about the spies
Get tired of the lies
When love dies 


  1. Biola, this is a charming poem.

    What a unique idea you have come up with. I am so glad I met you those years ago. You and your writing has enriched my days.

    Akeith Walters

  2. What a sad and lovely expression. Biola, you are truly special for the way you appreciate the work, thoughts, art of others. Thank you for being so generous!


  3. Keith, I am looking forward to receiving a share of your goodwill through one of your fantastic poems. Bree, my princess of the misty isles, I am still waiting for your contribution just like I am waiting for others too. We say from my neck of the woods that the soup tastes better when more than one person is tasting it.