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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chants in my dreams I

I wish to invite you into the meadows of my mind as I listen to the chants in my dreams. They have fallen through the years watered by my dreams and sun kissed by the tears of my longings. One day the spring of success may wet my dry lips. My son just called and said the militants dropped their guns and crossed their arms. The noise of the celebrations makes the creek red like those who fought for a tomorrow that died yesterday
Don’t make me cry He thinks you smell like a rose and says the sun shines in your hair that you make his day you preen and think of diapers little miniatures of him And the devil laughed
PEACE He who cannot walk away From his anger, Cannot in trust, Approach the peace of Love. Those who betray us, Those who revile us, Those who hate us, Show through their ugliness, The awesome beauty, Of Light’s compassion, As they mirror to us, What we must never be. Simple Lessons What do you give A neglected child? Love if you have A persistent politician Contempt if you dare An angry teacher His allowances But a neglected wife? A blank cheque That is what you do!


  1. Your writing, as always, is packed with great imagery and evocative emotions.

    Good to read here again.

  2. I am happy to find you are still with me thank you so much for your constant support that I have truthfully come to depend on but would never take for granted.