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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Naming

Fehintola’s pregnancy was stress free and she was grateful for that. She went to the stream for her daily water and life assumed a pattern. The dreams also seemed to have stopped. Sometimes though, she would wonder if this was the calm before the storm. But nothing else happened. The young priestess of Yeye also seemed to have forgotten all about her as she did not call. That was strange and she asked her husband if she ought to visit. He grinned and tweaked her ears commenting that he had been thinking of seeing the young witch himself but because he was not sure of how he might act he had decided to keep his distance. She had been stern with him about his plans to flirt with the priestess.

Her mother then came to visit and she was surprised that for once, Mama seemed excited about the coming baby and started knitting. Her husband had taken one look at all the wools and stared.
But her mother had calmly knitted pieces of material for the coming baby. They both assumed that the coming child was going to be a girl. She had however wondered about the words of that young prophetess who had told her that she was going to give her husband a boy. Her young mate watched all the preparation for the baby saying little.

Her baby kicked in her womb and she had a radiance that made her husband joke that maybe he had best keep her permanently pregnant. One night her labour pains came and everybody went into a panic. In the midst of all the rush to get her to the hospital, she felt calm and suddenly prayed, talking to the child and asking that for once this trip to bring forth a child should be a successful one.

The lights blinked and swayed and there was sudden fluid motion, bells rang and I felt the fragrance of soft folds around me as I passed through the veils as they dropped and things gradually became blurred and the picture of home gradually faded into memories I will see now in walks through the meadows of my soul. The bands of light came ever closer, glowing in brightness and swishing over me in folds of sheer beauty. I walk through the temple. In arches of domed lights and the flute played, then through the curtains of cascading water I am immersed as things receded, as I pass through the funnel and open my eyes.

The naming ceremony preparation started in earnest and Fehintola had so many names she wanted to call the child. Ayo her husband was not so sure he wanted the stress he told her. She stared at him, opened her mouth to say something, swallowed and turned away trying hard not to cry. She had a child yes, but the child was a girl. Ayo has been over the moon when her junior wife had her boy. Pain sharp and intense shot through her and she suddenly clutched the baby to her heart. She was determined that this one will live. She rocked herself singing softly just as the door opened and the priestess stood smiling at her. Her heart gave one leap and she simply stared. She silently handed over her baby to the outstretched hands of the priestess. The priestess held the baby and swayed. Eyes closed she suddenly sang a song of praise to Numen Yeye in the native tongue. The songs brought in Ayo who saw the priestess and bowed his head!

This journey again from the Lights into this existence, I bring you the peace of Numen Yeye, from the heights of the glorious lights, the gardens of constant service. Let her path be simple, without fan fare. Let her fulfil in the simplicity and beauty of her realm. In gentle strength, I come to you, open wide your door that I may dwell with you. My path is simple, my gift from the petals of the Rose kingdom. Celebrations shall only be at the bidding of the Supreme Mother. I am like a stream, nourishing, refreshing. And will overcome all obstacles if you keep the stream clear. No one can hold the water as enemy and the light of love shines on all who wish to serve the Rose.

The priestess opened her eyes and gave them a smile.
“Please there will be no naming ceremony the like of which you have planned” she looked at Ayo and smiled “Make sure she returns to do the virgin dance when she takes up her responsibility as Numen Yeye, go back to your room and pray”
She handed the child back to the mother. Fehintola felt she was watching a play as the priestess asked her to remember the name she was given for that was the name she was to call the child in her arms now, “it is easy to remember for she told you her name yourself, she asked you if you will remember and you said you will”

Fehintola suddenly shook with nerves as she remembered. In a small whisper she looked at Ayo as she said; “I know her name”
Ayo stared at her as he asked her what was the name
Her name is “Imole Ife” the light of love.


  1. I really like the description of the birthing journey. Thank you.

  2. thank you for your comments. I always feel lifted reading from you.