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Saturday, April 17, 2010

the dowry

we paid five cows
fifty goats
and hundred yams
danced round
the village square
and gave salt
and honey
for our brother’s wife

she came
looked like
a tanker
back and front
ate all the food
had no warmth
chased mother away

she sat
on the stoop
and made herself
pretty for every passing
male, laughed loudly
at his pains
of getting a whale
for a wife

we decided on a course
to stop the abuse
of our name
by our wife

one night
we gave her
kegs of palm wine
lots of barbecued goat
now merry and noisy
we led her in a dance
to the biggest cow
tied at the village square

morning brought relief
as our bride
awake and shamed
returned to her village
and peace returned
to our home

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